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"These images i have created are a reflection of who i am and what i love so when asking yourself "who is this girl who does this art? look at each image and in doing so u will see me."  - Anna





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I've pretty much always been a square peg in a round world. Art and Music have been the most intrical part of who i am and how i live, with painting and the arts being my entire existence! i have been painting for more than 30 years and have always taken an interest in art being "functional" since so many people find it hard to purchase something that they will hang on a wall with no other purpose ( to them).
Being a fine art major and graduating from Otis Art Institute of Parsons School Of Design in Los Angeles i realised that Painting both for paintings sake can be both functional as well as decorative." the awards in which i have won are the Bank of America award in Art as well as many juried exhibitions. MY handbags have been featured in many different publications as well as t.v including "general hospital". I donate a percentage of sales from certain functions that i attend to worthy causes which are very important to me  (Ex. cancer research, AIDS Foundation, Parkinsons Foundation, Breast Cancer etc.)

I took painting, photography and sculpture classes when i was 9 and even back then had a deep and rooted interest in things that were a bit different. Since then i own a pottery\ceramics company ( some of my clients include Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Dave Thomas, Elizabeth Taylor, Quincy Jones, Natasha Kinski, Gabreille Guietterez, George Hamilton to name a few) as well as a fine art company. The interest in tattoo art and old americana vintage tattoo flash goes back years when i use to draw on myself designs of roses and faces all over my arms and legs...

Within a short amount of time i realised a real need for people to be able wear art as well as when they arent using it being able to hang it on there wall.............. this is where the handbags and purses came into play! My line of pottery is lead free and enviormentally friendly as well as food safe. My pet urns come in an assortment of styles and designs including ceramic and wood, perfect for each family member.

With my appreciation and uttmost respect for tattoo flash ,the people who have come before me and art of yesteryear as well as different subcultures i was inspired to take my already vast collection of my own tattoo flash that i have designed and created and put it on handbags, boxes,coin purses, wallets, guitar straps, ceramics and more! i design as well as paint every single day of my life and with those designs I handpaint each one on every single handbag and purse, jewelry box, machine box and more by myself. Every piece is a one of a kind piece of fine art!

( People always ask me what do i paint with?) 
 i mix my own resins and pigments to create my own colors in a system that allows the paint to adhere to each and every item and then it is sprayed with a  cover coat for longevity! The most important thing is that my art lasts long after im gone so that is taken deeply into considerating when painting and finishing each piece!

I have designed tattoos for people as well as tattooed people, i use every medium possible i can to express myself including skin which i love. ( that website will be following in the near future).